University College Sabah Foundationについて

A Model Boutique Green University

From the outset, University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF) will endeavour to be a model boutique green higher learning Institution that serves the Sabah state‘s needs as well as focus on specific areas that would enable it add value to the wellbeing of the global society.


UCSF will be branded as a “Green University.” It has its own unique Green Concept and Philosophy based on an eco-centric worldview and value system. This Green Concept and Philosophy will guide its teaching-learning and research endeavours as well as towards building a green culture among its community. The final goal is to achieve sustainability and wellbeing of the inhabitants of mother earth.

A New Wave University

It will be a new wave university committed to the dissemination knowledge, developing new skills and positive values through experiential teaching-learning, generating knowledge through research and effecting it through creativity for the benefit of society and industry.


UCSF will focus its primary development based on the strengths and opportunities of Sabah, thereby actively partnering in the development of the state. On the human talent development side its future-proof graduates will add value, beyond merely economic, not only to Sabah, but also the nation and the world at large.

Global Participation

Apart from its strong commitment to the global green agenda, encompassing the United Nation’s Sustainable development Goals (SDGs), UCSF will also energise the culture of education based on lifelong, life-wide and life-deep learning. Further, it will be an advocate for balancing the needs of the 21st century, including being ready for the challenges of Industry 4.0.

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